Summer Reading, Adventure Challenge, Animal Tracking!

It’s time for Summer Reading! Stop by anytime to get signed up. Open to everyone, children and adults! Any books read count toward the school’s Governor’s Reading Challenge! This year’s theme is “Adventure Begins at the Library”. Join us as we explore all things adventure, like camping, animals, travel, and more! Try out our Adventure Challenge! 10 adventures, 10 opportunities for fun! Complete at least 5 adventures by August 10th, show proof to the library (photo/souvenir/ticket/etc.), and earn yourself a free small ice cream! We also have a fun scavenger hunt within the library offered all summer long for a special prize!


We have also partnered with Fahlo to track the movements of a shark, elephant, giraffe, and lion! Stop in to see where they have ventured! Track animals with us! All Summer Long!

Children’s Programs for June and July

Drop-in Weekly Children’s Programs (Morning Programs start at 10am)

Music in Motion for Toddlers –Wednesdays, ages 2-5 Move & sing with us! No Music 6/19

Story Time & Craft Thursdays, ages 2-6  A little bit of story, science, craft and play.

Check our all of our children’s programs on our main page happenings!



2024 Readers Dozen Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge!

A new twist on our annual year-long reading challenge! Each month, read a book with one of the corresponding monthly key words in the title. Enter your name each month to win a prize, and if you complete all 12 months, you may just take home the grand prize!

Monthly Key Word

Jan – Crown, Girl, Whisper, Black, Guide, Heart, All, Ever

Feb – Please, Might, Return, Shy, Vanish, Book, Ash, Come

Mar – Crimson, Beyond, Friend, Cry, Wait, Six, Run, Woods

Apr – Vicious, Ask, Wind, Found, Circle, Broken, Beneath, Drown

May – Dragon, Day, Chain, Another, Thousand, Begin, Stolen, And

June – Bridge, Everything, Blue, Why, First, Wild, Luck, Tomorrow

July – Final, Clock, This, Way, Poison, Summer, Future, Kiss

Aug – Dangerous, Again, Best, Chase, How, Flower, Date, Together

Sept – Sign, With, Just, Lies, Grace, Enough, Sleep, Name

Oct – Old, After, Take, Shadow, Monster, Haunt, Darkness, Of

Nov – Paris, Hidden, Sparrow, Realm, Two, Fair, Street, Say

Dec – Silver, Wish, Forgotten, Dance, Also, My, Fate, Dream

*Audio books count! *Extra Credit! Borrow a book through a JCCL online resource (Hoopla or Palace Project) and have your name entered in that month’s drawing twice!