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Franklin History Room  (pdf)

Franklin History Room

A Collaborative Initiative Between the Ashbel Woodward House Museum and Janet Carlson Calvert Library.

We are living in a historic time, one that when it’s all over, will have radically altered everyone’s lives. History is not simply about wars or “great men”, it is about common people: how people live, their routines, stories, and ideas. To help document this unprecedented time the Museum and Library invite the people of Franklin to share how they are spending their time during the COVID-19 outbreak. We will be sharing these photographs and stories online with the community. At some point we would also like to collect physical artifacts of this time, however that will have to wait until after the period of social distancing has passed.

Whether it is in images or in story, we want you to help preserve a record of this major event. We ask that you send any submissions to This is open to all ages.

If you include a photograph, please give us a brief description of the photograph and all individuals within the picture. With all submissions please include your name and contact information.

Stay safe,
Matthew Novosad, Franklin Historical Society President.