About Us


In fond remembrance of his wife, Janet Carlson Calvert, the late Robert Calvert aspired to create this library. Mrs. Calvert, who resided in Franklin for 55 years, possessed a deep passion for reading and advocating for the importance of reading to young children, regardless of their age. To kickstart this library project, the Estate of Mr. Calvert generously matched the $100,000 raised by our community, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Calvert Family for their unwavering support.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Janet Carlson Calvert Library is to provide Franklin residents of all ages with books, materials and information. The Library seeks to inspire a love of learning in young children while accommodating all ages in an accessible comfortable environment.

Library Staff

Library Director – Christine Schulz

Library Aide – Eileen Richmond

Library Aide – Julia Girard

Library Aide – Sue Underhill

Library Board of Trustees

Matthew Calvert (Chair)

Carol Grant

James Dyer

Christine Friese

Marjorie Miner

Christine Schulz (Library Director)

Joan Seidel

Thomas Seidel

Debra Beisiegel

Connie Sharp