Reading is Revolutionary Schedule

June Events

  • Thursday June 23rd, 11am and 6pm: Learn how to play the Colonial era games “Whist” and “Shut the Box”. All materials for the games will be provided.
  • Wednesday June 29th, 9:30am: The Breakfast Bookclub will be discussing the biography The Tragedy of Benedict Arnold: An American Life by Joyce Lee Malcom. The book looks at Arnold at his whole life – from his early days in Norwich, Connecticut to his death in the UK. Malcolm also reconsiders the role that historians have argued that his wife Peggy played in his defection from the Patriot cause.
  • Wednesday June 29th, 3pm: Bring the kids to learn how to play colonial games such as Whirligig, hopscotch, and jacks.
  • Thursday June 30th, 11am: Ever wanted to start researching your family’s genealogy? This class will help get you started on how to effectively trace your family’s history and to contextualize it within world history. We will cover genealogical resources and best research practices.
  • Thursday June 30th, 6pm: This class will look at specific practices and resources for researching your Early American ancestors. Beginners are welcome!

July Events

  • Thursday July 7th, 6pm: Meet Daughters of the American Revolution member Blyse Soby. She is the registrar for the Governor Jonathan Trumbull Chapter of the organization. Come discuss the DAR.
  • Wednesday July 13th, 10am: Music in Motion will be Revolutionary War themed and the kids will dance along to Colonial era music!
  • Tuesday July 19th, 3pm: Stop by the library for a Colonial Craft! We will be making Silhouettes.
  • Thursday July 21st, 6pm: All Things Culinary is going Early American! We will be cooking recipes from Amelia Simmon’s American Cookery published in 1796.
  • Wednesday July 27th, 9:30am: The Breakfast Bookclub will be reading The Boston Massacre: A Family History by Serena Zabin. Come join our discussion of this fascinating book about the people who lived and worked in Boston in 1770.
  • Friday July 29th, 7:00pm: Lantern Tour and Tavern Night at the Ashbel Woodward Museum! Take a Hay Ride from the museum to the Plains Cemetery where Franklin Historical Society president and town Historian Matthew Novosad will give a tour of some of the Early American graves and tell of the lives of those buried. Afterwards, you’ll return to the museum where 18th Century tavernfare and non-alcoholic drinks will be available. This event requires preregristration. Tickets go on sale on June 13th and are $5 each with with a family discount of $10 on purchases of 4 or more tickets, just use the promo code “4orMore” at checkout. Children under 10 can attend for free but still need to preregister. To register, please sign up at the following link or call Judi Novosad at 860-917-0520.

August Events

  • Thursday August 4th, 6:30pm: Chronicle writer Bill Powers will be joining us to give a talk about Revolutionary War figures that visited the Lebanon Green and the surrounding area.
  • Saturday August 6th, 10am: The Connecticut Light Dragoons will be at the library for demonstrations and to discuss horse care.
  • Thursday August 11th & Saturday August 13th, 1pm: Escape Room Challenge! Have your kids read I Survived The Revolutionary War by Lauren Tarshis to prepare for this challenge as clues will be drawn from the book. Copies will be available at the library. Team sizes can be between 4 and 6 people. This escape room will be hosted at the Ashbel Woodward Museum. This event requires preregistration, please call the library at 860-642-6207
  • Wednesday August 17th, 11:30am: The Graphic Novel Book Club and Pizza Party will meet to discuss the Graphic Novel Hazardous Tales of Nathan Hale and will participate in a virtual discussion with staff from the Nathan Hale House in Coventry about the real life Nathan Hale.
  • Wednesday August 31st, 9:30am: The Breakfast Bookclub will be discussing the Revolutionary War memoir Narrative of a Revolutionary War Soldier by Joseph Plumb Martin. Martin was a teenager from Connecticut when he enlisted in the Continental forces. Come join us for a fascinating discussion and look into every day life in the Continental Army.