I Spy Franklin!

Franklin the library stuffed dogJuly 1st – August 30th Franklin, the Library Dog, is missing his friends at the library. No one has snuggled with him or read a story for a long time. Franklin liked watching everyone in the house cooking treats for him. He really liked playing hide-and-seek when little friends would hide behind him!

Franklin wants to play again with his friends, but he knows they cannot come into the library just yet. So, Franklin decided to hide a picture of himself at special places in town and wants you to try to find him. He has left a clue at each stop and is leaving a little special something to collect and create a picture. At each location play “I Spy Franklin!”  and name 5 different things you spy around the area. There is also a list of books, a bit of history, or something to do to make your stop a little more fun.  


To play use your detective eyes, please do.

Start at the butterfly bench to get your first clue.

Then send a picture of your finished art,

We will send a little something to you!

LOVE — Franklin, the Library Dog

dog paw print with heart